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SCalendar & Policies

School Calendar 2019 - 2020

There are classes on ALL Monday holidays


First Term: September 9 - November 2, 2019


* a $35 Costume deposit for each class the student takes 

No Classes:

Thursday, October 31 -  Halloween

Third Term: January 6 - March 7, 2020


No Classes:

Feb. 17 - 22: February Vacation

Second Term: November 4 - January 4, 2020

2nd costume deposit due

No Classes:

Wed. Thru Sat. Nov. 27 - 30 - Thanksgiving                                                     
Mon. Dec. 23 - Wed. Jan. 1 - Winter Break

Fourth Term: March 9 - May 23, 2020

No Classes:

April 20 - 25: Spring Break

Sunday, May 17 -     2019 Recital Date  pending Town of Norwood approval

Monday, May 4 -       2019 Dress Rehearsal pending own f Norwood approval                                                                     






September 9         Classes bEgin this week

october 1            1st costume deposit due:$35 for each costume ordered

November 30        Santa Parade (sign up for this fun event!)

december 1           2nd costume deposit due: $20 for each pre-school costume,                                                           $30 for each Kdg and up

february 1            costume balances due

monday, may 4       Dress rehearsal at Norwood high school, pending town of norwood approval

Sunday, May 17      recital day at Norwood high school, pending town of norwood approval


Rules & Policies:

At Commonwealth Dance Academy students are taught dance in a nurturing, fun, and disciplined environment. 

We believe that dance develops self-esteem and confidence as well as grace and poise.


Students benefit from consistent attendance. We expect them to come to class on time, properly dressed for class.

Class Placement:

Each student is placed in class according to his/her age, ability, and experience.

School Year:

The school year runs from September to May. There are four 8-week terms. Please call the studio for tuition/registration information.

Snow Days: 

In case of snow, school may be canceled, but if conditions improve, we may hold classes. 

Cancellations will be posted on our Facebook page.   Or please call 508-668-4764 for a recorded message.

 It will be posted two hours before classes are scheduled to start.


Peek Weeks:

Parents and relatives are invited to watch class in October and March.

Dates will be posted on FaceBook


No food or gum in the dance studio. Label all shoes.

End of Season Performance:

Dance is a performing art. All students are encouraged to participate in the annual recital held on Sunday, afternoon May 17.

This is a positive, no-stress experience for the dancers and their parents.


Dress Code

Dance studio calendar and policiesFootwear

Pink Ballets:               Capezio       212  (Lily)

White Tap Shoes:        Capezio       N625

Grade Kindergarten, Grade 1-4:
Pink Ballets                Capezio       212  (Lily)    

Caramel Tap Shoes     Capezio       3800

Caramel Pull-On Jazz  Capezio       EJ 2

Grade 5 -High School

Pink Ballets                Capezio      2038 W (leather Hanami)    

Black Tap Shoes         Capezio      CG 19

Caramel Pull-On Jazz  Capezio      EJ 2

Lyrical Half-Sole         Capezio      HO 62 Leather  (Teens and Seniors)


Pink Tights Capezio 1915C
Pink Leotard Any Style

All Other Classes:
Pink Tights For Ballet, Light Suntan Tights For Jazz, Tap Or Lyrical
Black Leotard Any Style

All shoes and dancewear are available for purchase at the studio.
Free pair of tights with purchase of $35 or more.

Dancewear also can be purchased at Capezio in Milford.
Please buy dancewear before the first lesson, and come to class fully outfitted and ready to dance.

Commonwealth Dance Academy | 306 Elm Street | Walpole, MA 02081 | 508.668.4764

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